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19th Sept – Tips on Food Combinations

Are you combining foodstuff, accordingly?

the Banana Leaf - Indian Rice

19th September @ Hana’s Home.

Today, I felt good net surfing; with my first instinct: Food Combinations!

It is very broad out there – fathomless horizon! The scope of knowledge is so immense that I can not remember all the goodies and nourishment’s being served by all sites.

In a way, I have these few tips on Food Combinations. I find them useful tips and I am very please sharing these tips to you right now. Ignore, if you already knew or are aware and if you have something else on ‘Food Combinations’ which you think beneficial? Please share. You are openly welcomed into my ‘comment corner’.

FOOD! Lamb Chop n Cream

Tips on Food Combinations; It says to AVOID:-

! Water or any drinks – Avoid drinking beverages or water during meals and immediately after meals.

! Avoid eating dried, fresh, or raw fruits after eating any cooked food.

! Avoid dried sweet fruits with concentrated proteins or after eating concentrated proteins.

! Avoid mixing Starchy foods with Fresh fruits or any acid foods

! Dried sweet fruit, honey, maple syrup, bananas,  mixing with nuts or seeds is an example of bad  Food Combinations.

Believing on healthy eating? / Going for Food Combinations ? … Your choice:)


!Disclaimer: the above ‘Tips on Food Combinations’ are information based from internet postings and for my personal tips on food combinations. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical; nutritionists advice or care. Please read more for further details. Thank you.

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