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Here are the list of tissue salts and use🙂

 Tissue Salt                                      Use

  • Calcium fluoride                 Poor tissue tone, weak or fragile teeth and nails
  • Calcium phosphate            Teething, indigestion, chilblains
  • Calcium sulphate                Acne, sore lips, healing wounds
  • Iron phosphate                    Coughs, colds, chills, fevers
  • Potassium chloride            Coughs, colds, chestiness
  • Potassium phosphate        Nervous headaches, nervous indigestion
  • Potassium sulphate             Brittle nails, catarrh, scaly or weeping skin
  • Magnesium phosphate       Wind, cramp, minor muscle pains
  • Sodium chloride                    Runny nose and eyes, no sense of smell or taste
  • Sodium phosphate            Excess stomach acidity, heartburn, rheumatic pain
  • Sodium sulphate                      Nausea, flu symptoms
  • Silicon dioxide                        Spots and pimples, brittle nails
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