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Home made Carrot cake and Almond juice

Home made Carrot cake and Almond juice

Home made produce is always regarded by everyone and here is my specialty homemade juice and carrot cake : Unique and original. My juice ingredients / recipe are dried almonds, dried green beans, a slice of lemon. No sugar added. I had this for breakfast with my home made carrot cake. Both freshly prepared.

In addition, I tried one of this juicy treats from the ‘Juice Fusion’  from Uncle Bob’s Refreshing Pineapple juice. You can skip coffee in the morning by having his treat. His ingredients are; Apple, carrot and pineapple. Blend all ingredients and serve. Adding some ice cubes is optional.

I am having few experiments on food ventures and i am having a good fun. Thank you for joining me.


5 thoughts on “Home made Carrot cake and Almond juice

  1. I liked your article is an interesting technology
    thanks to google I found you

  2. Do really suppose this is true?

    1. Dear hotshot bald cop,

      I missed to thank you on time. Thank you for your visit and comment.

      About Almond drink and Carrot cake, yes it is really true. I did it myself and it is very satisfying. Easy to prepare too. I will be posting more of my home made juices and food stuffs and I hope you will find something inspirational to try.

      Thank you.

  3. Pulitzer prize substance in attendance.

  4. 27 September

    hotshot bald cop dear,

    I invite you to read my ‘Pineapple Cake’ of a Pulitzer’s origin. Hope you can try making it. Just don’t over cook the cake to tastes its excellence!

    Welcoming you with thanks,

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