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Spiced Banana Snack Bars

Spiced Banana Snack Bars

I have this Slim Buster, Homemade Banana Snack bars, which I created while searching something sweet for tea. I have some oat  cookies with strawberries and oats with chocolate chips, already prepared healthily for easy grab from commercial stores, packed in bite sizes and ready to eat in my food storage. Aiming for something new, I tried this recipe. This maybe strange for you. Please read more…

For today’s record:- this Slim Buster Snack Bar which I call it ‘Banana Snack Bar’ @Hana’s Kitchen is packed with goodies. I will post the image very soon.

Banana Snack Bars @ Hana’s Kitchen:), this is a slim buster snack which i called it so LOL! Packed with vitamin c, packed with energy and a potassium source which helps efficient muscular function: Spiced with a dash of Cayenne powder  (packed w vit A – one magazine has written that one of its health benefit is that it crushes winter viruses. I also marinated the bananas with a dash of fennel, turmeric and a pinch of chili powder and deep-fried with black mustard seeds. I coated the ripened bananas with flour and beaten egg before frying. Easy?

Deep fry with any kind of  frying oil of your choice until the bananas are golden brown in color, let dry the oil and serve with fresh mint leaves or freshly cut cucumber. The bananas are naturally sweet and tasty so adding honey or sugar before eating is optional.

Take note:

! Black Mustard Seeds one of its health benefits is to lower your risk of colon and gastrointestinal cancer.

! Chili – reduces your diabetes risk.

! Fennel Seeds – help cuts stroke .

! Cayenne – do you know that  Cayenne  is packed with vitamin A and helps in crushing your winter viruses.

The above spices used to marinate this recipe can be used with vegetable salads or other preferred recipe at home. Thanks from Health magazine for the health tips.

Preferred drinks

A cup of freshly cut lemons into a warm glass of water is a perfect beverage for this recipe – Banana Snack Bars.

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