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Chocolate ginger truffles – No Bake

Chocolate Ginger Truffles No Bake


Ingredients needed


! 240 grams ginger nut biscuits

! Two tablespoons of fresh ginger root juice

! 45 grams cocoa powder

! 50 grams desiccated coconut

! A can of sweetened condensed milk

! Extra desiccated coconut for final touch



! Crush the biscuits into fine crumbs.

! Add the cocoa powder and coconut, and mix well.

! Stir in the condensed milk gradually  until well incorporated.

! Stir in fresh ginger juice.

! Spoonful the mixture and roll into bite sized balls.

! Roll each ball into the extra coconut and arrange on a tray.

! Refrigerate the balls in the fridge for at least two hours.

! Enjoy


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