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Clinacanthus or Snake Grass


To all Snake Grass readers,

Please take Note: I wish to inform anyone with the intense desire or anyone very serious about wanting to have some snake grass plants, please send me  direct message on my e-mail address at with thanks.


One of my husband’s colleague introduced us this so called power plant called Clinacanthus or the Botanical name as Clinacanthus siamensis / Clinacanthus nutans.

This particular plant is common in Malaysia. The useful parts are the green leaves, roots and stems. We call the plant as  ‘Sabah Snake Grass’.

When my plants are robustly generous, I blend its green leaves with a green apple  (peeled and seeded) and I serve once a day after breakfast as a homemade herbal drink.

For more information please check the following:

Sabah Snake Grass in my garden

If you are one of those who believe in herbs. You will love this. There is always a reason why a number of people uses it for health. Check the benefits. You might be interested to try for yourself.

… my second plant; isn’t she beautiful?











Snake Grass Warm drink
Snake Grass Warm drink


Snake Grass Juice w Green Apple
Snake Grass Juice w Green Apple






20 thoughts on “Clinacanthus or Snake Grass

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  2. Hi,

    I am interested to have this plant for my personal collection. Can I have or buy it from you? Pls advise me accordingly.


    1. Hello Albert!

      I am glad you read my blog. Thanks. In a way, you can buy from nursery or if you can not find anywhere feel free to come and get from me free of charge. I have a spare pot at the moment.

      Have a great day.


    2. Hello Albert!

      Have you managed to get your S Snake Grass plant? Anything I can do for you?

  3. Would it be possible for you to ship me some fresh SSG cuttings that I could plant?

    1. Neil hi!

      I am in Malaysia. Sending you some Snake Grass cuttings is not a problem is you are just few km away.
      I would be very happy to give you a pot of plant.


      1. I wish I were in Malaysia! No, I am living in Miami, Florida in the USA. I would like to plant and grow a field of the SSG here to help those afflicted with cancer in various forms, and to maintain a supply that would be available to all in case of a catastrophic event. Is there any way you can be of assistance in getting live plants or live rooted cuttings delivered to me alive and healthy with the roots in a sterile coir, cotton mat or similar rooting material other than regular soil? I am willing to pay your price. Sincerely, Neil

        1. Neil hi!

          I felt how sincere your goal and desire is for this SSG plantation and I am 100% backing your plan. I hope we can do that for you, Neil.

          To help realize your goal, I am referring you to my husband Ken, who might help you find out the ‘Malaysian’ procedures on its packaging and transporting to your country. Hopefully, you both can make things happen. I already told him about your desire, please feel free to contact him.

          Here is his e-mail address

          Neil, have a great day with thanks.

          Hana @ goingfabulous

          1. Hana, thank you so very much! Regards, Neil

          2. Hi Neil!

            I am sorry for the year of silence about the snake grass. I entrusted to my husband and unable to follow up. Do you still want the plant?

            My apology,

  4. Hi Neil,

    I am a chiropractor in Broward and help my patients thru supplementation etc. I was wondering if you received any Snake Grass. I would love to purchase some from you to grow myself and help some of my patients.

  5. May I request you to ship some SSG cuttings to the Czech Republic please 🙂 I love cultivating beneficial plants to extract their oils (currently lavender, peppermint, rosemary, helichrysum etc.) I’ve had SSG before for my throat soreness and stomach upsets and am well aware of its therapeutic benefits 🙂 cultivating it would be such a joy!

    1. Dear Kevin,

      Thank you for the request and fantastic info about this plant and its benefits you benefited. I would love to send you some cuttings but first I have to inquire how to send you. Give me some time to research the safety procedures and its packaging on how to send the plant to you.

      I am very happy for finding my blog and thank you.

      With much appreciation,

    2. Kevin, you may send us your details to our email if you want to keep it private.


  6. Say, you got a nice article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

    1. Thank you.

  7. hi! i am interested to have this wonderful plants..may i know how i can have this plants???where to buy..hope this is now the answer to my sick relatives…


    1. Hi Elias,

      I am Rehana’s husband and I’m writing on her behalf.

      Thank you for your interest in Snake Grass. We have heard good stories about it and have consumed it as well, not for any specific problem but as a prevention.

      We used to have a plant in our garden in Malaysia and can be found in the gardens of many homes. We are now in Thailand and have not found any plant here yet. We will be back in Malaysia next week and try to bring some to plant in our garden here.

      We would love to have more people benefit from it. I am not sure if it will be possible to send any to you because of regulations in various countries. Where are you from, Elias?

      BTW, your email address does not exist so if you want to keep in touch, write me at


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