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Discover Health Benefits of Passion Fruits

Home Garden Passions


A neighbor’s gift – lovely shaped Passion fruits! It isn’t tomato.


Eat and receive ‘health Goodies’ from Passions:)

Passion Fruit is another seedy packed fruit. It is a tropical fruit and its seeds are edible as well as the pulp. Passions is an excellent source of fiber, rich in vitamin C, good source of A, iron and potassium and high in carbohydrates.

I also read that Passion fruit has a relaxing agent; taking before bedtime gives you a restful sleep due to its somniferous properties. It’s been noted that Passions has febrifugal and soporific properties too and many other goodies in them. Good news to those who need to know more like me…


Hello,  I am Jacky :-)
Hello, I am Jacky 🙂


I thought I know all about the fruit – Passions. It all started when our neighbor, Mr. Wong, gave us some Purple Passion fruits to taste. Its fragrant smell and tangy – sweet taste made me like them again. I did eat some yellow passions (Yellow Passions are available in supermarkets this season) which I find it sour to me but this, Purple Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis), has left me looking for more. Eating them fresh when fully ripened is really best … Ohm! Purple passions are natives to Southern Brazil but now a days, I guess both variety is found and being cultivated worldwide.

Ripe Passions are best consumed when freshly plucked from its vine. Others will scoop the passion seeds and top it over an ice cream at home. Be more adventurous: You can make a Passion Fruit Sauce, juice or make an ice cream flavor with some Passion fruits; many more like:


 Home Garden Passions
Home Garden Passions


The Passion fruit juice has phytochemicals said to reduce cancer cell growth.

Flavonoids and phenolic acids in Passions is said has heart-protecting functions.

If you are an athletic person, eating more Passion fruits maybe a good choice.

Refresh on passion fruits: its nutrition values, health benefits & tips; Biological facts, please read and get more. Here are good links for you. Please click-:

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