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Famous Kentucky Horse Race Chocolate Walnut Pie Recipe

Re-blogging for my future reference. I would love to try when time comes… in a few months time. Thank you 🙂

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Originally posted on Rantings of an Amateur Chef:

One signature dish of Louisville, Kentucky, is Derby Pie®. Created by Walter and Leaudra Kern, and currently owned by Kern’s Kitchen, the pie is a delicious concoction of chocolate, walnuts and sugar in a tasty crust. For many years others have tried to replicate the recipe and call their recipe Derby Pie®. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, there is one, and only one Derby Pie®.

Over the years, Kern’s Kitchens have fought aggressively to protect the name Derby Pie®. If you called a recipe Derby Pie® and posted it anywhere, you could expect to receive a nice little letter from some lawyers to stop calling your recipe Derby Pie®. While the recipe below has some similarities to Derby Pie®, there is no way I would call it anything like Derby Pie®, so instead of referring it to Derbyish Pie or Not-Derby Pie®, I’ve chosen to rename the recipe: Famous Kentucky Horse Race Chocolate Walnut Pie. It is about time the Breeder’s Cup® had a dessert.

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