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Foodie: Chicken Green Curry Dish


 The Chicken Green Curry with mixed vegetables

Chicken Green Curry
Chicken Green Curry


Images of Items Needed before Preparations


Gcurry sauce

onions veg











Other things needed :- fresh tomatoes, pumpkin slices,  fresh mushrooms, snake beans and other leafy vegetables of your choice

Optional items :- lemon grass sticks, turmeric bulb and  kaffir lime, image below —

kaffir lime



Cooking Process

! Saute the spices:  garlic & onions  with cooking oil until it is fragrant then dispose spices, retain only the oil.

! Put  in the fresh tomatoes (sliced), stir and let cook awhile

! Add in the Chicken Green Curry sauce let boil, stir

! Add the lemon grass sticks, turmeric bulb, kaffir lime leaves, pumpkin (sliced),  stir

! Add some water enough to cover the ingredients, let boil for five to 10 minutes

! Add the remaining ingredients: leafy vegetables, snake beans, mushrooms

! Add a pinch of rock salt to taste and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar


! continue boiling until the  vegetables are cooked

!  Serve hot with steam white rice




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