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Honey and Coconut Wrap for Cough

The Honey and Coconut Wrap for Cough

Let me share this information from a friend about ‘honey and coconut oil’ wrap to relieve cough, a friend’s secret for keeping away cough for years.

Tussis or cough is a rapid expulsion of air from the lungs done deliberately or involuntarily to clear the throat and breathing passage of foreign particles, irritants due to allergens, fluids, mucus or microbes.

A buildup of mucous in your bronchial tubes can lead to bronchitis, chronic cough, and dry heaving in the lungs.

When at home, Honey and Coconut Oil Wrap for cough seems promising to try when there is no other better choice if someone is helpless and in difficulty of gasping air to breathe.

It is safe to try and paste making is easy to prepare. Mix it in any proportion you want.

Recipe: The Honey and Coconut Wrap for Cough


  • Raw organic honey
  • Coconut oil
  •  Flour
  • Bandage or gauze


  • Make a paste of honey, coconut oil, and flour.
  • Using a bandage or clean cloth or gauze, apply paste over and topically strap it to your chest to allow skin deep absorption.
  • Leave overnight for best result.
  • Dispose bandage after use.

Note: This is not a proven cure. Seek proper doctor’s advice when you are suffering from severe cough.


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