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How to Clean Chicken Without Washing




Hi everyone!

First, my apologies for the long absence from my blog.

We have been facing financial difficulties for the past year resulting in losing our home early this year. I was fortunate to get some work in Hong Kong for a few months to help with our situation. We are still going through a hard time but I’m staying positive and I want to resume sharing helpful tips and ideas with all of you.

So, here I am!

If you are new to my blog, I love cooking and have written my first recipe book, “Hana’s Favorite Chicken Recipes” now available on

One of the things I place importance on is in the hygienic preparation of food and I have just come across a proper way to clean chicken meat without using water.

How to clean chicken meat without using water.

There are two bacteria known as Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria which are the leading causes of foodborne illnesses. As one food safety researcher said, “You should assume that if you have chicken, you have either salmonella or campylobacter bacteria on it, if not both”

In my town where I grew up, chicken is prepared by burning the chicken over a fire. We call this process ‘pinikpikan’ or ‘Killing Me Softly’. If you are a softhearted person, you may not be able to eat after watching how the chicken dies and how it is dressed up. However, the burning process is safer than washing the chicken with water.

Now, this is how to clean your poultry or chicken meat safe from harmful bacteria, using ‘NO’ water. No washing involved.


When you buy freshly dressed poultry from the market, keep it separated from other items when you get home. Before you put it into the storage or before you cook, don’t wash with water because washing chicken with water increases the risk of spreading the harmful bacteria all over the kitchen surface. As you wash the chicken in the sink, the process of aerosolization takes place.

Aerosolization is the process or act of converting some physical substance into the form of particles small and light enough to be carried on the air i.e. into an aerosol.

Through cross-contamination, any food that you prepare on the sink surface can take on the harmful bacteria. During the chicken washing process, other cooking utensils can also be contaminated. So when you eat that food especially raw salads prepared in the kitchen, there is the chance it can be contaminated and you risk getting sick after eating them.

Here is how to clean your chicken before cooking

1) Remove any blood clot left on the poultry.

2) Trim off any unwanted parts or fat from the chicken meat.

3) Remove slime on the chicken by gently wiping with kitchen paper towels until clean.

4) To clean the chicken meat use a disposable paper towel or a throwaway cloth to wipe dry the chicken meat. Dispose the used towels immediately after use.

I hope that this cleaning tip will give you the assurance that your food is free from harmful bacteria and that your family can enjoy food without much risk of falling ill.

If you feel this tip is helpful, please share it with your family and friends.

Check back soon for more helpful tips and ideas.

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