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How to make Almond-date smoothie/gluten-free drink

 Only a few ingredients to make your smoothie … and be gluten-free too.






How to make Almond-date smoothie/gluten-free drink



Bananas, ripened and chopped  (2)

Almond butter (2 tablespoons)

Medjool dates, seeded and chopped

One vanilla bean pulp, or one flat teaspoon of dried vanilla bean powder

AND a cup or two of unsweetened almond milk

Home made Carrot cake and Almond juice
   Home made unsweetened Almond milk with carrot cake 






Unsweetened almond milk     








*** Combine all solid ingredients in a blender, add enough almond milk to cover everything, then blend for an ultra rich smoothie.

*** For a lighter consistency, add another inch of almond milk to your blender before blending.


… Ready to drink  Almond-date smoothie smoothie !!! yummmmm 🙂



Almond-date-banana smoothie from Dr. Kim,

 thanks for the tips on Almond Smoothie!!!



Here are some important tips on bananas :

Eating Bananas eases heartburn
The banana has natural anti-oxidants that may relieve your heartburn. Eat a banana to cool down.
Relieves PMS pain
The B vitamins found in the banana regulate the levels of sugar in the blood, which directly affects the general feeling and mood. The potassium in the fruit neutralizes the swelling and the liquid build-up.
 Makes  that hangover go away
After a harsh night of drinking, boil a cup of water and put 2 banana peels in it. Wait for it to cool and drink.
Treating bloody hemorrhoids
Steam 2 bananas with the peel, until they soften. Eat on an empty stomach, morning and evening, until relief is achieved.
Improves your quality of sleep
Bananas come with a great vitamin B6 boost that helps maintain a normal and functional sleep/Wake mechanism. Eat a small banana every day to get quality sleep.
Substitute for vitamin D
Research shows that a lack in vitamin D (the one we get from being exposed to sunlight) is a big contributor to depression. Since during winter this is hard to get, it is recommended to get your vitamin D elsewhere. Other than milk, fish and avocado, banana is a great source for that.
Helps fight anemia
The vitamin B family found in bananas encourage the creation of hemoglobin and help prevent and treat anemia.
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