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How to make Cardamom Hot Chocolate

Something About the Cardamom:    cardamom

 This spice cardamom helps detoxify or helps the body eliminate waste through the kidneys.

Halitosis – In India they chew cardamom after meals or whenever they need to freshen their breath.

Diuretic – Part of the reason cardamom is such a good detoxifier is thanks to the diuretic properties. It helps clean  the urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys, removing waste, salt, excess water, toxins, and combating infections too.

Depression – The science behind the antidepressant qualities of cardamom hasn’t been studied yet, but Ayurvedic medicine swears by the tea as a means to fight depression. Oral Health – Apart from helping with bad breath, cardamom is used for mouth ulcers and infections of the mouth and throat.

Cold and Flu – This pungent spice may help prevent and relieve cold and flu symptoms. It’s also used for bronchitis and coughs

and for me …

!!!My top favorite is this drink, Cardamom Hot Chocolate 🙂

How to make Cardamom Hot Chocolate


Hot Chocolate with cardamom

The Ingredients:
2/3 blocks of dark cooking chocolate or
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 cardamom pods crushed
2 cups homemade almond milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
Pinch of salt
  • When using dark cooking chocolate , melt before whisking together with the  sugar and salt,  in a saucepan (if using option two, whisk together the cocoa powder, sugar and the salt )  then add ¼ cup of the milk and the crushed cardamom.
  •  Cook on a medium heat stirring until it blends the mixture and to prevent from burning.
  • Add the remaining milk and cook to medium heat, without reaching boiling point 🙂
  • Pour into a large 2 cup bowl through a strainer, then pour into cups, enjoy the cardamom hot chocolate! Yummm and healthy for you.


cardamom pods

Other Cardamom health benefits

Cancer – Animal studies are showing promise that cardamom protects against, inhibits growth, and even kills some cancers.

Blood Pressure – As a diuretic and fiber rich spice, cardamom significantly lowers blood pressure.

Blood Clots – Cardamom prevents dangerous blood clots by preventing platelet aggregation and the sticking to the artery walls.

Antioxidant – Many of the vitamins, phytonutrients, and essential oils in cardamom act as antioxidants, cleaning up free radicals and resisting cellular aging.

Pathogens – The volatile essential oils in cardamom inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungus, and mold.

Anti-inflammatory – Like ginger and turmeric, its relatives, cardamom has some anti-inflammatory properties that limit pain and swelling, especially in mucus membranes, the mouth, and throat.

Hiccups – Cardamom is an anti-spasmodic that can help get rid of hiccups. This also applies to other involuntary muscle spasms, like stomach and intestinal cramps.

Aphrodisiac – Traditional medicine lists cardamom as a powerful aphrodisiac that can help with erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Health tips from Charlie Pulsipher  with thanks!!!

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