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How you benefit from drinking warm water

How you benefit from drinking warm water

We believe our body is about 60% water.

Keeping our body hydrated makes it healthy and balance.

It is reported that drinking warm water help flushes the toxins in our body  includes fat deposits. It also helps our muscles relax, functions well and thus improves our blood circulation.

To be well hydrated early in the morning by drinking a glass of warm water makes way to start your great and joyful day whether at home or at work. It does makes you feel good.

Below are the most benefits noted from drinking warm water which I really acknowledge.

Body detox

Body detox reigns when you are well hydrated and drinking warm water regularly in the morning to start the day can add to your cutting edge from visiting your doctors on a regular basis.

Warm water helps your body to detox. It helps release toxins as it  cleanses your body systems to give good absorption of nutrients you eat as it gives you overall and general good health in the long run.

Promotes hair growth

Warm water helps regulate the activity of the hair roots and subsequently accelerates the growth of your hair. Promotes healthy scalp and healthy hair growth.

Other benefits of drinking warm water: clear nasal and throat congestion, help slow down premature ageing, shed excess pounds, alleviates pain, constipation, others.

Drinking warm water may help promotes a healthier digestive and nervous systems.

It is noted  that drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning is given important emphasis to reap most of its health benefits. Squeezing a fresh lemon juice into your warm water is also advised.

To be healthy: hydrate yourself and consider this warm water therapy aside being happy!


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