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knowing our Skin Disorders

One of our Organ, the skin is loaded with things to do in order to serve us:-

Let’s identify normal skin from skin disorders by definitions below:

  1. An Inflamed skin –  skin is red, hot and swollen
  2. An Infected skin – skin is red, hot and swollen with signs of pus formation.
  3. A Broken skin – when the epidermis is cut; torn and skin’s deep layers is exposed
  4. A Skin Lesion  –  a  structural change in the skin’s tissue caused by disease or injuries. It has many forms like the following:-
  • An ulcer – an open lesion on the skin accompanied by pus.
  • A scar – a light-colored skin mark formed after an injury.
  • Scales – a build-up of dead skin cells that is dry and flaky on the surface of the skin.
  • Fissure – a crack in the skin that penetrates the dermis, Example a chapped lips  or hands
  • Bulla – a skin blister containing a watery fluid.
  • Crust or a scab – an accumulation of dried blood, serum, pus, plus epidermal flakes that happens in the healing period of most lesions.
  • A Cyst – a semisolid or fluid lump found above and below the skin’s surface.
  • A Macule – small, circular and flat skin formations examples  – freckles and flat moles.
  • Pustule – a small lump on the skin with an inflamed base and head containing pus.
  • Tumor –  hard and solid abnormal cell mass with distinct edges, deep-rooted, varies in shape, color and size. An example of small tumors are  skin nodules.
  • An Ulcer – it is an open lesion on the skin or mucous membrane of the body accompanied by pus and loss of skin depth.
  • Hives or Wheals – swollen; raised surface on the skin which is itchy and last for sometime. It maybe an insect bites or caused by an allergic reactions.
  • A Vesicle – a blister containing clear fluid.
  • A Tuburcule – a solid  lump and varies in size from pea to a hickory nut.
  • A Papule  – Colored red, brown or pink. A raised area on the skin surface with a solid center that can be felt.
Awareness on Healthy Skin and identifying Skin Disorders can be great to us. Hope you do agree with me.
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