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No Bake Coconut Power Bar

No Bake Coconut Power Bar



1 kilo freshly grated fresh coconut white meat

2 cups organic brown sugar

2 tbsp of condensed milk

1 cup crushed mixed nuts (Brazilian and pine nuts, lightly toasted)

A tsp of salt

4 blocks of chocolate bars for topping  (75 /85%)

2 cups chocolate powder for dusting (good quality)



Lightly roast nuts and crush to smaller bits, set aside.

In a big deep-based cooking pan , mix together coconut, condensed milk and sugar, (stirring occasionally) cook over medium fire until the coconut’s original color changes into just a bit darker and sugar gets sticky or caramelized.
Stir in salt and crushed nuts. Mix to blend well.
Dish out into a container. Let cool.
Melt the chocolate bars and spread evenly on top. Using a sieve, dust over with powdered cocoa powder. (use good quality)
Chill for awhile to make it firm
Cut into desired bars or bite size
Serve a piece to compliment a lovely meal.
Note: Best serve with a cup of coffee in the morning!

Life span: One month (Pack individual produce and store in the fridge or freeze with air tight container)


To happiness and wellness everyone!





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