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No Bake Peanut Delight

No Bake Peanut Delight Bars


A kilo of fresh peanuts with shells

A cup of sugar

A cup of water



Boil the peanuts for at least 30 minutes or until cooked

Let cool then remove the shell

Puree or blend the peanuts into a fine paste, set aside

Prepare the syrup 

  • A cup of water and a cup of sugar boil until it is caramelized and before it finally thickens, stir in the peanut paste

Continue to cook, stir until the mixtures thicken

Scoop peanut mixtures into a baking sheet, flatten its surface and cut into desired sizes of your choice

Wrap peanut slices individually (optional), serve or

Chill, Refrigerate and serve


Note:Enjoy and eat with moderation 🙂


Cheers to happiness and wellness!





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