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Papaya Fruit Smoothie for a perfect breakfast


Image: Papaya Fruit Smoothie 


Papaya with Fresh Mint Leaves

Breakfast Delight @Hana’s Kitchen: Papaya Smoothie

Looking for a quick filler at late mornings? If you happen to stay late nights and ‘have to’ be at work next morning, here is a very good drink to try:-

You need a slice of fully ripened papaya,  a cup of almond juice. (for one serve)

Also needed is an ice – cube, fresh lime fruit or an inch of fresh ginger root, some fresh mint leaves. (Optional).

* To make an Almond juice – Wash almond nuts and soak with a cup of filtered water overnight. About 8 nuts.


How to prepare the fresh drink:- Papaya Smoothie

  • Slice the papaya into smaller pieces.
  • Put into the blender the soaked almonds, squeeze half lime, if no lime an inch of fresh ginger root will do. Add an ice-cube and blend to its finest form.
  • Strain the almond in a fine strainer screen or with a cheese cloth to get a fresh cup of almond juice.
  • Pour back to the blender the strained Almond juice then add your papaya fruit. Blend papaya smoothly. (add more ice at your preference)
  • Garnish with fresh mint leaves, Serve.
  •  No sugar added

Quick to prepare: Fresh and light ‘homemade breakfast’. Hope you like it:-

Note: Fresh mint can be eaten raw.


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