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Image: Persimmons@ Hana’s Kitchen

Tray of Persimmon Fruits

A flash back: In my old folk’s residence back home stands two Persimmon Trees. I still remember they are very tall trees and when they bear flowers rarely it turns into fruits due to the weather, somehow by chance we receive some small fruits to taste. They are much, much smaller than the above image but they are sweet and tasty. Those days, Persimmons are none existent in the market. Nobody sells and nobody has a plant but my folks in that town. How sweet to remember:) and how nice recalling good memories:))

Today, I was informed one tree is still standing tall and bearing flowers not fruits. She is very old but pretty much vivacious enjoying life happily based from its growth of bounty leaves. Both my parents passed away years ago but the tree they planted with love still thrives in that residence – the Persimmon tree.

About Persimmons:- ‘Believe it or not’. By the way, my thanks to an acquaint who shared the secret about this fruit.  Here is the secret… One day, I was very sick and my friend Lina came over with a friend to visit me with the intentions of giving some healing. During the conversations, Lina’s friend thought I was conceiving a baby so he advised me to take ‘one persimmon fruit and a petal of rose everyday for 3 months at breakfast. He said ‘ You will have a porcelain / fine and fair complexion;happy, healthy baby’. No side effects just make sure you eat clean and homegrown rose petals which is free from chemicals and pesticides. Wash the fruit before eatingHe said, “tested by my family.”

Approximately, three years ago my niece told me that she was 2 weeks pregnant: conceiving her first baby, I gave her the same advice of the Persimmon and rose petal diet. Indeed she has a beautiful baby girl. She is now 3 years old.

Sharing my story about this beautiful Persimmon fruits (is NOT scientifically experimented yet but if by chance you are now conceiving a baby), are you daring enough to try for your baby? Your choice!Follow your instinct.

Historical facts and nutritional values of Persimmons? Maybe by next issue. Bye and thanks. Have fun (:)


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