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Recipe: Carrot and Avocado Wrap

 Carrot and Avocado Wrap (Image Below)

Recipe:  Lettuce or Cabbage (Fresh)

Ripened Avocado

 Australian Carrots

(^ ..^)

1) Wash clean the lettuce leaf and the carrots

2)  Cut the Avocado fruit, mash until it is soft and easy to scoop in spoonfuls

3) Grate the carrots finely.

! If you are using cabbage leaf, blanch in hot water and soak quickly with ice water then drain any excess water before using

! If you use sandwich bread toast (optional)

How to prepare the Carrot and Avocado Wrap

(:)   In a bowl / container, combine the grated carrots and the mashed avocado together or

Simply scoop the avocado fruit and mix the grated carrot like this, sprinkle some black raisins or dried cranberries (optional) to beautify:)



Take one lettuce leaf at a time and spread over the mixtures (avocado and carrot) and do a wrap

Roll neatly and fold into a size that you are comfortable

Arrange into a serving plate, slice into bite sizes when compulsory

SERVE for tea time or a side dish for lunch or for light dinner during small gatherings. Enjoy!


Beverages recommended:- Sugarless 

Lemon Tea hot

Cucumber juice


Citronella grass and ginger tea (Chilled)



Important tips:

Best to eat the food once it is prepared. Avoid keeping food balance for few hours. Applied only for the above recipe.

Squeeze some lemon juice over the avocado once sliced or during the mashing time. (optional)

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