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the Christmas Myths, Symbols and Legends

the Christmas Myths, Symbols and Legends



Christmas legend



they say 🙂


the Christmas Tree

! Christmas Tree – The Queen Victoria received the first traditional Christmas Tree from Prince Albert of Saxecoburg and there Christmas tree begins  its popularity.

! Germans place cookies and religious ornaments on the Christmas  tree way back early 17th century. To the Germans, Christmas trees  signify, the, ‘tree of life’.


the Christmas Gifts

Why give gifts? Aside from being customary bringing ornament or a special gift to the household. The act of giving is believed to strengthen the ties of relationships or the friendships and as well to help beautify the tree, the Christmas Tree.


the Christmas Colors

Snowy white – for light, for purity, for joy and glory

Dazzling gold – for radiance, for sunlight : sparkling tinsel or candles glowing / glowing objects

Red – Cheerful red in the language of religious symbols stands for fire, charity and blood

Green – hope, for youth  and hope of eternal life


the Evergreens

Evergreens hung over the doorways

! To the Romans Evergreens  is a symbol of luck and brought them indoors to bestow good fortune for the coming year

! Evergreens hung over the doorways to symbolize hospitality,

and were believed to offer protection against :

o Thunder

o Lightning

o Evil spirits and vanish poisons

the Holly  

Symbolizes good luck : it was thought —

1. If the first bough of Holly brought into the house in winter has prickly leaves, the master will rule the household

2. If the holly brought has smooth leaves without prickles, it would be a year of petticoat rule 🙂

3. If it grew up the walls of the house, it protected the occupants from harm and from evil spirits

And Joy – Signifies fidelity and marriage or friendships.

Garland – Symbolizes continuity


! Glass Mould Teapot – Hospitality and ‘Welcome’

! Glass Mould Star – Represents the Star of Bethlehem and a symbol of hope for good fortune

the Christmas Myths, Symbols and Legends … it was thought,

 dated December 1997, The Sunday Style, page FIVE



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