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The Horseradish

… the Horseradish 

What is it for me? 

which one is Horseradish root in this basket?

When I was a child. We tend a small garden that my mother plants some sweet potatoes, turnips, watercress, beans, rice, corn, cucumber, tomatoes, beet roots, cabbage and one of the plant that I never wanted to eat is the Horseradish root-stock.

Horseradish is classified under the Mustard Family. It is white in color and this vegetable  contains sulfur compounds, 10-fold higher more than the most popular vegetable – broccoli.

Horseradish root is best used when it is freshly uprooted. Wash and peel the root and use the tender inside part of its root.

Grate the root and use immediately to consume the essential oil it contains as it evaporates very quickly. Take one teaspoon of horseradish in the morning and in the evening to push the immune system and to prevent having colds when there’s flu and colds blooming around.

For me, I slice at least 2 slices and eat like fresh yellow carrots as and when I have the supply.  This Horseradish regimen is very helpful from my own experience.

Those of you who has ready supplies of Horseradish root-stock and are unaware of its uses: here are links

… for your easy access. Get to know their medicinal and nutritional values:

I finally love this plant – The HORSERADISH.

Have fun!

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