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Tips on buying gold



Believe it or not!  – “Gold is a metal and is solid. High quality gold are soft, shiny; bright color. Water and air can’t oxidize them”.


Here are some common tips to differentiate pure gold between the imitations from friends’ tips:


1) The heat test

Pure gold will not change when heated up but an imitation gold when burned or heated up, it leaves a black mark.

High quality gold are soft so when heated they can be shaped or bend easily.


2) The Nitric Acid and black testing stone method

Scrape the gold against the black stone until it leaves a gold mark, pour the nitric acid over the gold mark on the black stone. When the traces of gold disappears, gold is not pure.


3) Pure gold are odorless, imitations smells like an iron when rubbed against a pair of jeans.


4)  For authenticity when purchasing gold, buy from reliable gold dealers only.


Happy shopping everyone! Have a great time.

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