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Tips: Simple Exercise to help your mind active

Tips: Simple Exercise to help your mind active

!  Give time for yourself at least 15 minutes of meditation 

Meditating helps train the brain to focus and resist the urge to wander. Research shows that after 3 days of practicing meditation for 15 minutes, your brain will be able to focus better, you will have more energy, and you will be less stressed.

!    Maintain Good Posture

Simply correct your posture every time you catch yourself slouching at work or at home.

!    Try to use your opposite hand

Your brain is wired to use your dominant hand, so it takes willpower to use the opposite.

!    Correct Your Words

Resisting the urge to use swear words, or to say “hello” instead of “hi” takes willpower to consciously go against your instincts.

!  Handgrip Exercise

Willingness  to squeeze a handgrip even when it hurts will increase one’s perseverance on other challenging tasks.

! Tempting oneself with something

A strong determination  increases  your ability to say “no” by carrying around something tempting with you all day.

and get to resist cravings.  This will be hard, so your will want to know how to deal with the craving.  Being consistent saying “no”,  increases  one’s ability to resist other temptations and ignore distractions!

! Being more aware of auto decisions we made everyday

Simply be more aware or mindful of one’s decisions throughout the day, catch oneself in an automatic behavior and ask oneself why I am doing it.  It applies on things we eat everyday…

Ask oneself why I am drinking coffee with sugar  instead fresh juice. It is the thinking consciously about a typical automatic behavior  that help increase  one’s focus and also self-control which keeps our mind active.



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