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Tips: Auspicious Food to start 2015 …

Auspicious Food that brings or betters Your Luck for 2015 …


The Greens   


    You and I start the New Year off on a healthy foot! Consume green leafy veggies like kale, collards and cabbage on ‘New  Year’s Day‘  like the American South and Europe people .

Due to its green color, which is the same as the dollar, and the belief that the more you eat greens, the most prosperous and healthy you will be :-

Eat Greens and Love Life, good blessings chase after you there on:-)


Here are some of the Good Luck Foods for the New Year


The Round Fruits   

Eating round fruit like   oranges and tangerines is a common New Year’s tradition for a number of cultures, but the number of pieces differs: n the Philippines, usually 13 pieces are eaten because it is considered a lucky number. In Europe and the United States, usually 12 pieces are eaten which represents the number of months of the year. Round fruit and  must be sweet!  Go for it!!!

round fruits




Your Pomegranates  

Middle Eastern cultures, pomegranates signify prosperity and fertility, good luck and fortune.

In Turkey, pomegranates are consumed on the New Year because they believe that the red represents the human heart, the medicinal properties of the fruit represent health, and their many round seeds represent prosperity 🙂












Whole Fish

For Chinese, the word for ‘fish’ sounds similar to the word for ‘abundance’, making fish a good luck food for the new year . It is important, however that the head and tail be served intact to ensure a good new year from start to finish.

  whole fish



In China and Japan as well as many other major Asian countries it is customary for them to eat long noodles on New Year’s Day. They believe that the length of the noodle signifies longevity and full life in the year to come. Noodles can be  a stir-fry or in soup and are devoured by children and adults.


Italy, popular New Year’s treat in Italy is called Cotechino con Lenticchie, or green lentils with sausage.

It is consumed for the New Year due to lentil’s green color and coin-like appearance, similar to the reason people in the Americas eat greens. It is also believed that when the lentils are cooked and soaked in water they become plump, which means the individual will experience a growth in wealth.


Another southern favorite, this sweet and delicious treat is eaten because its color resembles gold. For an extra lucky loaf of cornbread, some chefs add corn kernels to symbolize gold nuggets.


Countries like Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Austria it is common to consume pork during the New Year because pigs symbolize progress and development.

Pigs supposedly never move backward, or because of their eating habits, pigs eat pushing their snouts forward along the ground looking for food.

Wishing everyone the best of Christmas and New Year 2015 !!!

Have a happy, healthy and fun 2015…


With much love

Rachel K.

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