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Wood Laminate Floor Polishing with Banana Leaf


Wood Laminate Floor Polishing with Banana Leaf

It is Saturday morning and I was searching on something special to grab to polish our bed room’s wood laminate floor .

Something that is safe to use, easy to use and available at my finger tips. Something from my home itself …

Then came into mind how those days in my childhood, my mother used to advice us to use fresh, dry and clean banana leaves from our backyard to polish our natural wooden floor making the floor shiny and smooth ūüôā

Fortunately, there is a Banana tree already planted in my compound…blessed in abundance of supply!

… so like the olden days, I cut some fresh banana leaves: dry and clean and cut into size and polished the bedroom’s wooden floor.

And Viola! Saved me from using chemically treated wood polish and saved me from going to the shop. Today, I am happy. I did a good job ūüôā ¬†The floor is as it is, naturally shiny and clean.





This is how it looks — ¬†

The camera lighting is not sharp, light reflections making the wood image faded…

The after polish: Wood Laminate Floor & Polished with Fresh Banana Leaves

For natural wood specially for steps like this, polishing with Banana leaf  makes it shiny and sometimes slippery.

When polishing wooden steps, polish only the inner part of the steps. Avoid polishing the outer tip sides  of the wooden steps to prevent any slip or fall.

The Banana Tree and it’s ¬†fresh green leaf, my floor polish,

applies with wooden floors only!!!


And as of today, I also considered using banana leaves for my cat liter box. It is clean and smells fresh. Easy to dispose .

Divide the leaf into sheets without the middle hard portion. Line the banana sheets  into the Cat liter box.

Dispose off when dirty. My cats are okay using it for the first day ūüôā Thank you Banana Tree.





sleeping cat









¬†Jacky’s Litter Box

 Banana Leaves and Cardboard box strips

Two Other Uses of Banana Leaf

Tenderizing meat
If you want to tenderize meat while thawing it, wrap it in banana leaves. This also works for fish. While cooking, add a ripe banana to help them soften, and  it  sweetens the dish a bit.

To prevent bedsore 

Use banana leaves as bed sheet or cover.  Proven helpful!!!! If you need more info please send  e-mail to

update: March 5, 2015

2 thoughts on “Wood Laminate Floor Polishing with Banana Leaf

  1. What a brilliant idea!
    I was looking for a photo of a banana tree/plant to show the size of it and found you photo with the trees close to the house. Linked to it on FB, hope that is OK??

    /Lena from Sweden

    1. Thank you, Lena. Yes, feel free to share any of my posts or pictures. I wish you a wonderful weeek!


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