How to Use Banana Leaves for Cleaning & Polishing Wooden Floors




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It’s the weekend and I had the idea for this post when I received an email from a reader of my blog about a post I wrote awhile back. He wanted to know how to use banana leaves to clean and polish wooden floors.

When I was young, my mother use to make us scrub and wax the floor every morning. Back then, we had two choices for waxing the floor. Using commercial wax cream or use banana leaves from our backyard.

We chose banana leaves to polish the floor because being kids, we used the banana leaves as sleds and we would slide around while polishing the floor in the process. We made chores fun!

Today, because we avoid using chemical products in the house and opt for natural alternatives whenever possible, I still use banana leaves as it is freely available.

Here’s how to use banana leaves to clean and polish your wooden floor:


  1. Choose matured green banana leaves.
  2. Wipe it clean.
  3. Dry under the sun for 5 to 8 minutes.
  4. Remove the middle hard portion of the banana leaf.
  5. Cut the leaves into desired sizes for easy handling.
  6. Use the banana leaves just as you would use a cloth, to clean and polish the wooden floor until the surface gets shiny, glossy and bright.
  7. For wooden tables wipe with a dry cloth after cleaning, for best result.
  8. Dispose the banana leaves when it loses all its moisture. You can make them into a compost as they are biodegradable.



The floor will be very slippery after polishing so please be careful, especially when cleaning staircases.

If you have children and elderly people living with you, be sure to keep them away from the area until it is safe.

I hope you will find this method helpful as it will reduce the use of harmful chemicals in your home.

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My goal is to write more useful tips from being a stay home housewife.

To be giving pointers and reminders based on my personal experiences.

To help other women: housewives or mothers to becoming aware of circumstances/situations in due time and maintain their fabulous and happy life styles while at home and as a stay home.

Writing on chicken recipe, writing on other food recipe, no bake recipe, brownies hopefully stir and ignites your happy feelings. I will also feature some articles on health, herbs, gardening ideas, cat and dogs care.

To help raise my confidence on blogging and able to recognize choice of articles to write 

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Common Foods Cats and Dogs Should Avoid


Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful week!

I’ve been spending time with our 7 cats and our cute doggie, Jerry. They are all rescues and are now a huge part of our family.

Caring for them properly is an important concern for me and I am always researching ways to keep them healthy and happy.

Today, I would like to share with you types of food that dogs and cats should avoid.


Common Foods Cats and Dogs Should Avoid

These tips do not apply if you feed your cats and dogs dried pet food. However, if you feed your babies food that you prepare, you might want to take note of the following common foods to avoid:

  1. Grapes and raisins – can cause weakness, lack of appetite, dehydration, abdominal pain and severe kidney failure in dogs.
  2. Macadamia nuts – can cause weakness, depression and vomiting in dogs.
  3. Xylitol – can cause severely decreased blood glucose levels followed by severe liver failure in low doses in dogs.
  4. Chocolate, tea and coffee – can cause hyperactivity, vomiting, heart arrhythmias and seizures in dogs and cats.
  5. Onions and Garlic – can cause red blood cells to decrease leading to weakness and pale gums especially in cats.

These are not common foods but do keep them away from your babies:

Alcohol, anti-freeze (tastes sweet so dogs may lick), rodenticides/insecticides, coins, centipedes, butterflies, caterpillars, DEET containing products, acetominophen (paracetamol), heavy metals (lead, zinc, iron), any human medications or supplements, nicotine, illegal recreational drugs, Minoxidil (used for hair growth in people) and paintballs, among others.

Our focus is on prevention and not on remedies when something has happened.

That’s all for today.


Hana  with thanks

Hana’s Wasabi Fried Chicken Wings – FREE Recipe



Hi everyone!

I’ve been busy the past week working on a recipe for my upcoming recipe book, which is a follow-up to my first book, “Hana’s Favorite Chicken Recipes”.

To all loyal followers of this blog, I am happy to share the recipe with you today.

Yes, you don’t have to wait for the book to be published. 🙂

Without much ado, here is your free recipe:

Hana’s Wasabi Fried Chicken Wings

Deep fried chicken wings marinated with wasabi. Easy to prepare and is just amazingly yummy!

Best served hot, you can also store the fried chicken wings in a container for a later snack anytime during the day.

It’s so delicious, you can eat it by itself! Try it with a glass of wine or beer!



8 pieces of chicken wings (I love middle wings)

2 tablespoons wasabi paste

1 teaspoon red chili flakes

1 tablespoon soy sauce and 1 teaspoon brown organic sugar, mixed

1 teaspoon cornstarch

Salt to taste


Wipe the middle wings dry. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Rub the ingredients evenly onto the wing parts. Leave to marinade at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.

Deep fry the chicken wings in a deep skillet until the chicken is cooked and brown.

Drip dry the excess oil on a rack.

Garnish with ripe tomatoes and serve. Add a teaspoon of wasabi as a dip if you prefer.

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Health benefits of watermelon



Hi everyone, it’s me again. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Today, I would like to share with you the health benefits of one of my favorite fruits, the watermelon. My hubby and I love it and we eat it before meals and drink its juice. It’s so tasty and refreshing!

We are fortunate that watermelon is available here all year round and is also very affordable.

If you don’t eat watermelon regularly, these benefits might encourage you to enjoy it more often.

Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon

Besides being a great thirst quencher, watermelon is packed with nutrition.

Check this out:

Watermelon Nutrition Facts:

  • Excellent source of vitamin C.
  • Very good source of vitamin A.
  • Good source of potassium and magnesium.
  • Small amounts of most of the B vitamins.
  • Trace amounts of vitamin K and pantothenic acid.
  • Lots of trace amount minerals (copper, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc)
  • Over 6888 mcg of lycopene.
  • Supplies 2 percent of daily fiber needs.
  • Only 45 calories per cup, so it is an ideal diet food.
  • Fat free. Well, almost: 1 cup of diced watermelon has .23 grams of fat.
  • Only .02 grams of saturated fat in 1 cup of diced watermelon.
  • No cholesterol, caffeine or alcohol
  • Low sodium: 1.52 mg in 1 cup of diced watermelon.
  • There is even 1 gram of protein in 1 cup of diced watermelon.”

Here are the health benefits of drinking watermelon juice:

“for weight loss, constipation, for kidney health, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, heart care, macular degeneration, impotence (nature’s viagra), and others”WOW!


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Hi everyone!

I hope your week is going well. I’ve been keeping busy and working on a new recipe book. It takes a lot of work and I’ve found these tips to be very useful in keeping my mind fresh.

Hope you like it!


Here are some exercises you can do to help keep your mind active:

Meditate for at least 15 minutes a day

Meditation helps train your brain to focus and resist the urge to wander. Research shows that after 3 days of practicing meditation for 15 minutes, your brain will be able to focus better, you will have more energy and you will be less stressed.

Maintain good posture

Always be conscious of your posture and correct it every time you catch yourself slouching at work or at home.

Practice using your opposite hand

Your brain is wired to use your dominant hand, so it takes willpower to use the opposite one and trains your mind to be active.

Choose your words carefully

Think before you speak. Choose words you don’t presently use. Resist the urge to blurt out words by instinct. For example, consciously avoid using swear words, or greet someone with a “hello” instead of “hi”.

Handgrip Exercise

Squeeze a handgrip even when it hurts. This will train you to persevere on other challenging tasks.

Tempt yourself and resist cravings

Training yourself to consistently say “no”, increases your ability to resist temptations and ignore distractions!

Be more aware of the decisions we make instinctively everyday

Simply be more aware or mindful of your decisions throughout the day, catch yourself behaving automatically and ask yourself why you are doing it.  

A good example is the food you eat every day. Ask yourself why you drink coffee with sugar instead of drinking fresh fruit juice.

When you think consciously about a typical automatic behavior, that increases your focus and also self-control which keeps your mind active.

These are just some of the things you can do to keep your mind active. If you have tips of your own, please comment below.

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Have a fabulous day!

Hana with love